Success Story

Unique PCB Development - W company case
W company asked us whether 2 different size of PCB can be manufactured as one PCB or not. While we discussed about this project with W, we came to know that their requirement is Interposer PCB which has BGA package on uppper and bottom part of PCB. For this PCB development, our production team co-worked with circuit design team of W company.
Through close development work, we complished project from 10 layer to 12 layer and from normal PCB structurer and build-up PCB structurer. Finallly, we started to supply goods to them.

Transparent PCB for display - U company case
The transparent PCB developed through joint study by our development team and college development team was originally intended to be simply applied to the transparent display of household appliances. However, U company wanted us to apply this PCB for their medical display parts since medical equipment need elegant design.
While we proceeded this project, there are many trial and error because of very narrow designed circuit line. But finally we satisfied their quality requirement.
We keep good business relationship with U company currently.